Unique Team Building Event Activities

So you want to coordinate a team building event, but not just any team building event. You want this year to be different, and really excite your team and build morale with a healthy, fun challenge. Escape rooms are unique team build event activities that turn team building into team bonding. Time to Escape offers fully coordinated events surrounding our challenging, immersive escape games. No matter the size or age of your group, we may have the adventurous experience you’re looking for.


Escape Rooms are Unique Team Building Event Activities

The puzzles and challenges you face in an escape room are highly immersive. In our escape rooms, participants become fully engaged in our quality, theatrical set design and puzzles built into the infrastructure of the room. Your team will be given 60 minutes to make their way through an engaging story, whether it be escaping Alcatraz before the prison guards catch on to your plans, or finding King Tut’s Tomb before the Egyptian authorities close down the dig site. It’s up to you and your team to face challenges head on, work together, and think critically before time is up.


Each Time to Escape Game Focuses on Different Core Skills

We have three different escape game challenges at Time to Escape:

High Production Value, Theatrical Escape Room Experiences at Time to Escape

1. Al Capone’s Speakeasy

The most popular for team building is Al Capone’s Speakeasy, which focuses on communication and interpersonal skills, with a maximum limit of 15 participants.

In the most innovative escape room Atlanta has to offer, you and your team are undercover agents trying to infiltrate a speakeasy owned by the notorious gangster, Al Capone. You will need to convince James the bartender (played by an in-room actor) to help you find the evidence to put him away! You’ll play as one of many roles, like the The Singer, Police Chief, or The Rookie. All of your character’s actions and decisions will affect the game play. 

Al Capone’s Speakeasy will test your team’s ability to communicate with and influence one another. Each character role has a Special Ability and Side Quest which affect how the story unfolds, allowing for unique ways to find clues and solve puzzles. Your in-game actions and decisions affect relationships between the characters, and determine whether or not you successfully escape.

Escape from Alcatraz

2. Escape From Alcatraz

This escape room tests your team’s skills in time management and group coordination. It has a maximum limit of 10 participants.

The year is 1962, and Alcatraz is about to see its greatest escape attempt. Earlier this evening, a prisoner named Frank Morris made a successful prison escape. You must follow the clues left behind by Frank but you have only one hour before daybreak – so this is your last chance to escape!

Escape From Alcatraz will test your team’s ability to assess the situation, delegate tasks, and combine efforts to discover clues and solve puzzles. You’ll need to make sound decisions and act fast if you want to escape within sixty minutes.

Translate Hieroglyphics and Explore Authentic Replicas of Paintings in King Tut's Tomb

3. King Tut’s Tomb

This escape room tests your team’s skills in time concentration and deductive reasoning. It has a maximum limit of 10 participants.

It’s 1922, and you are members of Howard Carter’s archaeology team. Mr. Carter has discovered what he believes is the Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutankhamen’s (King Tut) tomb. Unfortunately Mr.Carter hasn’t discovered the burial chamber of King Tut, and the Egyptian authorities will arrive in 60 minutes to shut down the archaeology site for good.

King Tut’s Tomb will test your team’s ability to focus and concentrate on detail-oriented puzzles and tasks. You’ll need to read thoroughly and listen carefully to instructions in order to discover clues and complete the challenge in time.

Debrief On-Site, at a Local Venue, or with a Team Building Facilitator

We have an on-site event space that can hold up to 25 people seated, or 35 people standing, for a cocktail hour. This space is perfect for a small group looking to cater in a meal and talk about their escape game experience. We also partner with Pour Kitchen + Bar to serve delicious New American-style food in our space, or at their location, next door. They can hold up to 100 people in their modern-rustic space, and offer a decadent buffet featuring delights such as prosciutto and arugula flatbread, truffle macaroni and cheese, and beef sliders. They also feature a prominent, open-bar for your event.

For an added dose of team building, we partner with Chad Hull, a team building facilitator. He can arrange a leadership workshop and offer tools and tricks for your team to apply when you get back to the office.

Look no further for unique team building event activities. Call us at (678) 705-4320, or click here to learn more about what your team building event could look like.