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Secret Agent

A groovy spy adventure!

07July 1962 0900PM London UK
Players 8
Time Limit 60min
Difficulty 8/10
Current best time:
15:51 Min Remaining

Secret Agent

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The year is 1963 and the city of London has been swept up in the age of love, flower power and Beetlemania. The dance floors are full of twist and shout and groovy people. However, a wicked plot has been put into action by Dr. Von Gobler that could end flower power once and for all! You are the vigilant agents of MI6, it is up to you to track down and uncover the dastardly plot. Your evening will begin with scoping out The Red Button, London’s hottest dance club. What could possibly go wrong? Grab your finest disguise and dance the hour away to put a final stop to Dr. Von Gobler in the newest Chattanooga escape room from Time To Escape.

Chattanooga Escape Room Set in the 60s

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1 HBD Alex

Time Left: 15:51 Remaining
Sep 22, 2018

2 The Chattagroovas

Time Left: 1:26 Remaining
Jul 29, 2018

3 The Chattanoogans

Time Left: 1:18 Remaining
Jul 29, 2018