Blackbeard’s Booty

A witty pirates adventure

Caribbean Islands



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Pirate Escape Room Atlanta

About the Story

Travel back to 1719 to sail the Caribbean seas. The infamous pirate Blackbeard’s reign of greatness is over, but his legacy is not. Before his treacherous end, he buried his treasure secretly and tasked his crew to find it after his demise. The journey won’t be easy: you’ll face rocky waters, turbulent storms, and battles in the middle of the ocean. 

Blackbeard’s Booty is a pirate escape room with a highly interactive story and gameplay. This pirate escape room is designed to keep you on your toes as you navigate the open sea. Prepare to enjoy humor,  engaging puzzles, and some intense moments through this pirate escape room. 



  • Our newest room – unlike any escape room you’ve played before! 
  • 2-8 players
  • Pirate escape room that will tickle your funny bone
  • High production game design, story and character dialogue
  • Unique gameplay with a mix of virtual and physical puzzles
  • Mon-Thur: $31
    Fri & Sun: $33
    Sat: $35

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Pirate Escape Room

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Pirate Escape Room Atlanta
Pirate Escape Room Atlanta

Player Statistics and Level of Difficulty


Escape Rate - TBD

  • Fun: 95% 95%
  • Intensity: 55% 55%
  • Acumen: 38% 38%
  • Cogitation: 35% 35%

Competitive vs Casual Play

Our Game Guides will cater the experience to you – pick between competitive (3 hints, leaderboard eligibility) or casual (unlimited hints, all about the playthrough). Regardless of your choice, you’ll have fun!



Pirate Escape Room Atlanta Leaderboard

1. Jerry-Atrics

Time left: 00:20:45

June, 26, 2024




2. Totsch-Kimsey Family

Time left: 00:17:39

March 22, 2024



3. Funny Mongoose

Time left: 00:14:12

March 22, 2024