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Saving Christmas

Limited Time Only Holiday Escape Room

24Dec 2018 1115PM Baraboo WI
Players 1-8
Time Limit 45min
Difficulty Medium
Current best time:
5 minutes remaining

Saving Christmas

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T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for a Klaus (klaʊs) (rhymes with mouse), who is not to be confused with Mr. Claus, as in, Santa. Klaus, the elf, has been naughty, and stolen Santa’s sack, now it’s up to you and your group to get it all back. North Pole HQ has tracked the sack down, your grandmother’s house, what a coincidence, is where it was found. The disgruntled elf has stowed it within, find the sack, and help Santa by charting his flight plan. With only 45 minutes left this Christmas eve, it’s up to you to save Christmas, and in you, we believe.

Player statistics and level of difficulty.

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1 Team Jingle Bells

Time Left: 22:24

2 Team Santa's Helpers

Time Left: 18:32

3 Team High Five

Time Left: 17:52

Pricing per player:

  • 2 Players: $32
  • 3 Players: $29
  • 4 Players: $24
  • 5 Players: $22
  • 6 or more Players: $23