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Atlanta Location

We have two Atlanta escape room locations – Downtown Atlanta (Peachtree Center) and Brookhaven (1.5 miles from Lenox Mall). With 8 thrilling, big escape rooms to choose from, each experience is thought-provoking, family-friendly, and an absolute adventure.

Chattanooga Location

Our Chattanooga escape room location is in the heart of Downtown Chattanooga, a few blocks from the Aquarium. Explore our 5 immersive escape rooms, each with unique stories, historical settings, and unexpected surprises.

Please contact us with any questions on any of our escape rooms at (678) 705-4320

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Enter our immersive, story-driven escape rooms and become the heroes we deserve. Uncover clues, solve the mystery and crack the codes that lead you and your group on an enthralling journey. Our escape games are imaginative, full of unexpected twists, and collaborative experiences for all audiences.



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Locally Crafted Escape Room Games

Our escape games are designed and made locally in Atlanta, GA by a small team of storytellers, painting artists, game designers, carpenters, animators, and tech experts. Each escape game adventure is intricately planned out and designed to push the imagination of our guests.

And we’d like to thank all of our enthusiastic players for supporting our small business.



Learn More About Escape Rooms

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a live-action adventure game where teams work together to complete an operation with the goal to escape the room before the time limit runs out. To advance through the game, teams must discover clues, solve puzzles, and work together to reveal the mystery to escaping.

How much are escape rooms?

Our escape room prices vary depending on the day of the week*:

Mon-Thur: $31 per person
Fri & Sun: $33 per person
Sat: $35 per person

*excluding Saving Christmas, which is $26 everyday

How long do escape rooms last?

Each escape game typically has a 60 minute time limit (although you might escape sooner if you’re quick witted). Our escape games are all hour long experiences with the exception of Saving Christmas, which is a 45 minute adventure.

How to beat escape rooms?

Here are our tips for beating an escape game:

  1. Collaborate and Communicate – work together with your teammates by dividing and conquering. Split up to search for clues, but share with all team members the clues you find.
  2. Organize your clues – it’s helpful to create organized piles of clues you’ve discovered so they’re easy to access when you need them. Once a clue has been used, separate it from unused clues.
  3. Stuck for more than 5-10 minutes? Consider asking your game guide for a hint.

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Team Building and Large Group Events

Time to Escape has hosted over 800 team building events and many large group events since 2016. Our clients have reported improved communication and collaboration skills following an outing at Time to Escape. Whether the event is for a group of 10 or over 100, we cater each occasion to our guests’ needs.

Hear what our clients have to say:

Our company division is comprised of a diverse management group of forty professionals from four sites and eight departments. This exercise created an environment where each of these varied individuals were able to use their unique talents to solve the room while forming new relationships. Most importantly, the adventure created a positive team attitude that continues to echo in the day to day operations. I would recommend this unique experience as a great Team Building Exercise.

– Guest Melissa L.

Atlanta Team Building

Chattanooga Team Building

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