Are There Escape Rooms at DragonCon?

Yes! Time to Escape is the most centrally located escape room near DragonCon, located inside the Hub at Peachtree Center, next to the food court. Time to Escape can be your next stop for adventure with friends and family during Atlanta’s largest convention. The best part is you don’t have to leave the convention – there are several aerial walkways from the hotels (including Hyatt Regency, Marriott Marquis Towers, Hilton Atlanta) to the Hub at Peachtree Center.

The Grand Zeppelin

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High Noon in the Old West

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Five Enthralling Escape Rooms to Choose From

To add to the list of things to do near DragonCon, Time to Escape has five riveting escape rooms to offer.

*The Golden Phoenix is a specialty room that is not normally available during the year, except for a limited time during DragonCon.



The Golden Phoenix*

Learn more about this game

*The Golden Phoenix is a specialty room that is not normally available during the year, except for a limited time during DragonCon.

Peachtree Center Map

If you’re waiting in between panels, the Hub at Peachtree Center is the ideal spot to grab a quick bite to eat. Convenient and fast food near DragonCon include Chick-fil-a, Dairy Queen, Firehouse Subs, and much more – all located nearby to Time to Escape.

The Hub is connected to the Marriott Marquis Towers, Hyatt Regency, and Hilton Atlanta through aerial walkways.

DragonCon Map Hotels

The Hub at Peachtree Center Map

Things to Do Near DragonCon

Downtown Atlanta Escape Rooms

The Grand Zeppelin

While you’re taking a break from the convention floor, be sure to try out The Grand Zeppelin, a unique escape room experience that includes an in-room actor, and role play mechanics within the game. This 60-minute adventure challenges the ordinary escape room experience with side quests, character abilities, and even potential betrayal from your fellow party members. Most importantly, The Grand Zeppelin is the biggest room at Time to Escape with a player capacity of 15, and a popular destination for steampunk fans.

Sail away on the steam-powered airship across the European skies of 1914. Work with your co-pilot (an in-room actor) to thwart a devious saboteur and ensure that you and your fellow passengers can make it from Paris to London.

High Noon in the Old West

Dance your boots off in this fun Wild West themed adventure. Join the Pinkerton Detective Agency to take down the infamous outlaw gang, the Wild Bunch. Visit the mine, bank, general store. or post office and discover clues to where the gang’s stolen treasure resides.

The Launch

Trapped on Mars, you’ll be putting your astronautical skills to the test in this highly futuristic journey. With only a short window to make it back to earth, use every high-tech tool at your disposal. This is another room with character roles for players to embody.

Saving Christmas

For those seeking a more lighthearted, wholesome storyline, Saving Christmas is the best fit. Help Saint Nick retrieve his stolen sack of gifts from a mischievous rogue elf on Christmas Eve. This 45-minute experience contains a satisfying ending while also carries a lower price!

The Golden Phoenix

(Only Available During DragonCon)

Check out The Golden Phoenix, a special limited-time available mobile experience that will be open to guests only during DragonCon. This hour long adventure has a max capacity of 12 players. The story centers around a mysterious and wealthy uncle leaving his vast estate to be claimed by his family (the players) on the caveat that they be able to solve a series of challenges.

All Booked Up?

Check out our Brookhaven Location

Time to Escape also has a location in Brookhaven, which is a 15 minute Marta ride away. Our Brookhaven location has five rooms – four of which are entirely different from the Peachtree Center rooms. Our rooms at Brookhaven include:

    • Al Capone’s Speakeasy
    • King Tut’s Tomb
    • Escape from Alcatraz
    • High Noon in the Old West
    • Blackbeard’s Booty (New!)

“Truly one of the best and most interactive escape rooms we have ever done! We came to Atlanta for DragonCon and found this escape room in Peachtree Center. We did two rooms with them (Golden Phoenix and Grand Zeppelin) over the weekend and both were great! Shout out to our will executioner and co-pilot for great acting. They really brought us into the story, and elevated the escape room experience to another level!

There was a longer-than-usual introduction before the game started because in addition to the traditional “escaping” part, we were each given side quests to complete in game and it made the whole experience very different from other escape rooms.

Out of the two rooms that we did, I enjoyed Grand Zeppelin more because the side quests kept all of us in suspense until the end of the game. Without given too much of detail away, we were basically working together and at the same time working against each other.

Highly recommend Time to Escape to anyone who is looking for a great time in Atlanta area!”

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