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The Golden Phoenix

Save your precious inheritance from the mob!

20Nov 1923 0300PM Chicago
Players 3-12
Time Limit 1 Hour
Difficulty Medium
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The Golden Phoenix

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*Available for a limited time during Aug. 31 - Sept. 4 2022 ONLY!*

  • Features an In-Room Actor
  • 3-12 Players
  • Exclusive escape room, limited time availability
  • Compete with your friends and family to solve the secret to Uncle Mahoney's inheritance

Uncle Art Mahoney, has passed away, and you, along with distant relatives of the Mahoney family, have traveled from far and wide for the reading of his will. You arrive in Chicago only to find that the whimsical old man has turned the execution of his will into an elaborate game for his inheritance, with the priceless heirloom known as the Golden Phoenix soaring as the grand prize. Uncle Art’s next of kin aren’t the only ones trying to get their hands on that valuable artifact! Compete with your friends and family to solve Art’s puzzles before the Mob takes what is rightfully yours!

You and your group will be divided into 3 teams (representing 3 families) that will compete to win the inheritance – only one family can prevail! (Minimum of 3 players and maximum of 12; teams do not have to be even.)

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1 The Funereal Dirge

Time Left: 00:32:00
Dec 28, 2018

2 Team Golden

Time Left: 00:25:00
Nov 17, 2018

3 Professional Mourners

Time Left: 00:15:00
Oct 20, 2018