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High Noon in the Old West

Can you tame the Wild West?

20Apr 1899 Noon Wyoming
Players 2-10
Time Limit 60min
Difficulty Medium
Current best time:
12 minutes

High Noon in the Old West

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  • Visit the mine, bank, general store or old west post office
  • High production interactive soundtrack

It is 1899 and the final push to tame the wild west is on. The notorious outlaw gang, the Wild Bunch, has committed a series of train robberies, and have gone to their hideout in Hole-in-the-Wall, Wyoming.

As members of the Pinkerton Detective Agency you have been hired by the newly formed State of Wyoming to infiltrate the Wild Bunch and recover the money and other stolen items the Wild Bunch has obtained over the years. Blow open the gang’s saloon vault to recover the stolen fortune. Cripple the gang’s finances and disband the Wild Bunch gang - one of the last active gangs in the West. Can you tame the Wild West?

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1 Team Lookin' Good - $8,400 in recovered loot!

Time Left: 0:11:03
Oct 9, 2021

2 Team Oscar - $7,300 in recovered loot!

Time Left: 0:04:30
Oct 12, 2019

3 Team Alpha Dogs

Time Left: 0:01:15
Sep 1, 2019

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