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The Launch


15OCT 2039 0600PM MARS
Players 2 - 8
Time Limit 60min
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The Launch

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This escape experience is takes place on a Mars base in 2039. Every two years there is a brief launch window when your space vessel can return to Earth. This time a deadly global sandstorm threatens to leave you and your team stranded on Mars! Can your crew ready your spacecraft for departure in time?

Downtown Atlanta Launch Escape Room

Player statistics and level of difficulty.

Escape Rate
Stats are updated frequently based on escape room completion. We have a variety of rooms in a range of difficulties. We have a "Casual Mode" available if you're new to escape rooms, or a "Competitive Mode" if you're a seasoned pro. Regardless of difficulty level, we guarantee you'll have fun!


1 Golden Feet

Time Left: 00:28:26 remaining
Jul 23, 2019

2 Nothing Stupid

Time Left: 16:14s remaining
May 26, 2019

3 Texas Transplants

Time Left: 0:10:02 remaining
Feb 10, 2019

Attention DragonCon attendees. We are the closest escape room to DragonCon – near the Peachtree Center food court and connected to the Marriott, Hyatt, and Westin. We are offering discounts on morning and late night bookings.  For Grand Zeppelin and The Launch, book in the morning or after midnight and the price is just $25 per person.  Noon to midnight is $34.  For the Golden Phoenix and Saving Christmas, book in the morning or after midnight and the price is just $20.  Noon to midnight is $25.  Book before they sell out!