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The Grand Zeppelin

Atlanta's Most Unique Escape Experience

01Jun 1914 820PM Paris
Players 2-15
Time Limit 60min
Difficulty Medium
Current best time:
32 minutes remaining by "The Champs"

The Grand Zeppelin

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Adventure awaits you aboard our steam powered airship in the European skies of 1914. Work with your co-pilot, an in-room actor, to thwart a devious saboteur and ensure that you and your fellow passengers can make it in the airship from Paris to London! Featuring characters for the players to take on, each with a unique ability and side quest that affect the game.

** Our in-room actor will be wearing a face mask and practicing social distancing in the room. We do require our customers in this room only to wear face masks, and we will supply a mask if you do not have one. See our FAQ for more information. **
** We run this room generally on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays - for groups of 10 or more, we may be able to accommodate during the week - please inquire via our chat feature, or call our main number **

To read more about the Zeppelin, see our blog post here.

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1 The Champs

Time Left: 00:32:00
Dec 28, 2019

2 Team No Team Name

Time Left: 00:25:00
Nov 17, 2018

3 Jim's ATADATA Raiders

Time Left: 00:22:00
Oct 20, 2018

Pricing per player:

  • 2 Players: $44
  • 3 Players: $41
  • 4 Players: $36
  • 5 Players: $33
  • 6 Players: $31
  • 7 or more Players: $29