Al Capone’s Speakeasy: Come for the Escape, Stay for the Show

In-Room Actor in an Escape Room

In-Room Actor Escape Room                Have you ever played a video game, or a tabletop RPG, where there are characters within the game that you don’t control, but you interact with? They may help you, or work against you, be warm and friendly, or give you the cold shoulder, their every action hinging on what you choose to do. That’s what you can expect from the actors at Time to Escape. They don’t get mired down in stilted conversation, or play off a universal script. Their character reacts to what you do, answers your questions, and asks questions of their own. Not only do you have to solve riddles, and crack codes for the information you need, you now have arguably the most complex, most nuanced lock that not even money can buy:  the human mind.               

Having an in-room actor escape room helps to add an additional layer of immersion for the players. In Al Capone’s Speakeasy escape room, the in-room bartender acts as an anchor in the midst of the smooth jazz drifting from the antique radio, and the dim light glinting off the colorful glass bottles, all from a different time.  He serves a tall glass of reality in what might, in his absence, be dismissed as fiction.  If you’re ready for an evening to remember, and for an event tailored to transport you to another time, simply knock on the speakeasy door, and let the bartender pour you a top shelf experience.