Blast Off with the Launch, Our New Space Escape Room

Announcing our brand new, space-themed room: The Launch. Do you have what it takes to save precious scientific research from the Olympus Base Mars Colony and escape the planet in time? Or will your crew be trapped forever on the lifeless rock

With each player taking a different post on the Olympus Base Crew, you could be manipulating our robots into doing dangerous, radioactive work for you; or, hacking into the computer system to retrieve vital data discs. The fragile life forms that exist on Mars need to be transported back home. And the pilot must have everything just right to avoid burning up in the atmosphere as you take off. Time is against you and there’s not much of it.

Using peak escape room technology – our wholly immersive, interactive room has live responsive animations, lights and sound – to make it feel like you’re really on the red planet. Packed full of technological advancements and automated processes, you can experience the thrill of an escape room with all the cutting-edge gadgets you could desire.

Like all our escape rooms, The Launch is family-friendly and a challenge for adults and children alike. It is a great experience for both kid’s parties or team building. Whatever your experience level there’s something for you in The Launch,our space-themed room. It’s truly out of this world!

Talk to us about party, decoration and catering options, as well as team-building and corporate events. Then once you’ve pitted your wits against the might of our Artificial Intelligence, check out some of our other rooms at our two Atlanta locations.