All Aboard Our In-Room Actor Escape Experience!


Have you always wanted to fly aboard a giant blimp? Do you ever say to yourself, man, I really wish I could travel back to the early 1900s, but how do I get then? Are you searching for a unique in-room actor escape experience that allows you the option of competing against your friends? Well then! We are pleased to announce that Grand Zeppelin Flights are boarding now!

Time to Escape continues to pioneer the in-room actor escape experience with The Grand Zeppelin. If you’re skeptical or curious as to the merits of having an in-room actor, we encourage you to indulge in the experience for yourself. Why else should you choose the Grand Zeppelin though, how should you approach your time on board, and when is the right time to fly with Time to Escape? Let us guide you through these friendly skies.

Why fly?

The Zeppelin’s designers have paid extraordinary attention to detail. You’ll feel truly immersed in a different time, place, and altitude upon entering the blimp’s lounge. A view through the Zeppelin windows offers you a scenic view of the rolling French Country side – who knew animations existed in 1914? In addition to the scenery, the unique features of play also make the Grand Zeppelin an unforgettable experience. Each passenger boarding the Zeppelin takes on a character of their very own, with unique abilities and secondary objectives to complete. In addition to these features, some players might also take on the mantle of peace keeper or saboteur depending on your mode of play. These additional layers make gameplay varied, intricate, and exceptionally enticing throughout each journey.

Your Flight Plan

How should you spend your time aboard the zeppelin? Honestly, it’s a bit of a balancing act. You have a mission to complete; you must find concrete evidence that saboteurs lurk among the passengers. In addition to the main objective, you also have additional aims. The Zeppelin is short the resources required to make it to London – you must uncover and acquire resource tokens by a variety of means. In additional to that, you’re also trying to keep the vessel in the sky as crises arise – during which, all team members must gather round to circumvent dire issues on board the vessel. Finally, you need to undertake your secondary objectives and use your abilities to progress when you’re stuck or falling behind. There’s quite a bit to navigate aboard The Grand Zeppelin, but spending time on each task is essential for a successful mission.

When to Fly?

If you have a large group, whether it be a birthday party, bachelorette party, team building event, reunion, game night, etc., the Grand Zeppelin is a wonderful attraction for you. The in-room actor escape experience mixes fun, mystery, challenge, novelty, humor, and an engaging story that is sure to be a popular topic of conversation well after the event has concluded. The Grand Zeppelin is also a wonderful choice if you’re looking for an outside the box escape experience, if you like having a good time, and are open to the idea of play. Please be advised, the Grand Zeppelin might be a little challenging if you’re entirely new to escape rooms, or if you know for a fact that your group exclusively prefers traditional escapes.
So, if your spirit craves adventure, and you find yourself with an hour to spare, visit us at Time to Escape’s downtown location at The Peachtree Center, where you can explore the skies and secure the safety of Europe! Act quickly, though, because 1914 won’t last forever.