Al Capone’s Speakeasy Escape Room: What Role Will You Play?

               In the 1920’s, the city of Chicago was under the thumb of one of the most dangerous criminals in American history: Alphonse Gabriel Capone.  He ran the city with a complex web of bribery, arson, and extortion.  Al Capone and the Chicago Mob were untouchable.

               In Al Capone’s Speakeasy escape room, we invite you to step into the shoes of the Chicago Police Department in the Roarin’ Twenties.  You’ll have to work together to infiltrate Club Lucky, find incriminating evidence, and take down Capone’s whole criminal enterprise.  Which role will you choose?

               Will you be the lounge singer, taking center stage in Club Lucky, ready to woo the crowd and earn your place in the spotlight? 



Maybe you’ll turn card shark, ready to play people like you play your cards.  Everything always seems to come up aces for you.

Perhaps you’re a quick with even quicker hands.  Every team needs a kleptomaniac…

               On any given night in Club Lucky, you might spy a charming socialite, a well-traveled hot shot, a grizzled police chief, or many many more characters.  Possibility await in Club Lucky, and Club Lucky awaits you and all your friends. Come on in, order a drink – and sidle to Chicago’s underbelly (it’ll be a night to remember).   For more information about our Atlanta Escape Room, Al Capone’s Speakeasy, see here